About Joel Gurman

About Joel Gurman

Joel Gurman is a Regional Vice President with Quicken Loans. In his role he works with the development of both mortgage bankers and the leaders that direct those bankers.

Recently Joel has dedicated 100% of his time back to Quicken loans after holding a similar position simultaneously with One Reverse Mortgage. He was involved from the onset of the One Reverse Mortgage relationship with Quicken Loans, and saw them rise to the number one online reverse mortgage lender, and one of the top 6 overall reverse mortgage lenders in the United States.  He is now dedicating 100% of his focus to his teams within Quicken Loans, focusing on growth of the company and its purchase business.

Joel joined the Quicken Loans family of companies in July of 1996. Rapidly he built a successful business, and was promoted to Director of Mortgage Banking.  After leading a successful career as both a banker and a Director of Mortgage Banking, he was promoted to Regional Vice President in 2005.

In addition to the work he does directly with his region, Joel maintains a high level involvement with many of the teams within the family of Quicken Loans companies.  He has a long history of  driving new initiatives to profitable growth within the company.  Joel has worked closely on increasing banker efficiency, production optimization, and leadership development while Quicken Loans has continued to grow as an industry leader.

Joel is a graduate of Michigan State University.

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